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eTRAN focuses on meeting the documentation needs from medical practices and surgery centers to independent medical examination companies.  Our infrastructure is built to meet the medical transcription requirements of healthcare facilities ranging from small family practices to large companies.

There are dozens of reasons to outsource, but the most common reasons include:

n Eliminate transcriptionist employment taxes and benefits.

n Avoid hiring, training, and management Expenses for transcription.

n Cut-out sick time, vacation, and family-leave Costs.

n Access best-of-breed technology with Zero Capital investment.

n Make use of Office space otherwise reserved for transcription.

n Pay for only the services you use and Nothing More.

n Focus on Core competencies versus administrative duties.

Also, we are able to provide English transcription, Spanish transcription, French transcription and transcription of other languages.  We are currently opening a new service location in France and can also translate from English to Spanish, French to English, etc.

Our Main Office is located in  Bellevue, Washington.   Email us at  to have one of our account managers speak with you regarding our transcription services and how your practice or company will benefit from outsourcing to eTRAN.


We have experience with almost every medical specialty, including:

l Cardiology

l Dental and Oral Surgery

l Ear, Nose and Throat

l General Surgeons

l Hand Surgeons

l Internal Medicine

l Neurology

l Neuropsychology

l Oncology

l Ophthalmology

l Orthopedics

l Physical Medicine

l Physical Therapy

l Plastic Surgery

l Primary Care

l Psychiatry

l Radiology

l Reproductive Medicine

l Rheumatology

l Sleep Medicine

l Sports Medicine

Service Area:

Our service support is growing steadily and now includes National coverage.  We are always eager to serve new customers and continue growth; however, we approach expansion cautiously so as to never compromise our ability to meet existing commitments or standards of service.