How It Works

eTRAN offers our clients a simple way to communicate with us.   The experience begins with a secure login that allows you to upload your audio digital files onto our HIPAA compliant server.   From that point on we take over and offer you a real time view of the progress on the web from our medical transcription workflow system. 


 Again, we've made it simple:

n Create your dictation.

n Submit your dictation to our system.

n Your work is routed to our qualified typists.

n Receive completed document as early as 24-hours.

Our trained staff also provides proofreading and quality review before sending you the completed transcriptions.   Again, we keep it simple for you by leveraging leading edge technology that assures you security and back-up of your digital audio and transcription files.   Available 24 hours a day, eTRAN can handle as much of your work as you require with little or no advance notice, and with no added special equipment to your practice.

When you enroll, your service package can be customized by choosing:

n   The files can be backed up from 90-days to 1 year, depending on your service package.

n   The turnaround time for completed medical transcriptions is within 24 hours or sooner, depending on your service package.

When you receive your completed documents, you will be able to edit or print it just as though you had it typed in your office, and your completed documents are stored in our secure system in the event you need them re-sent to you.

We are committed to 100 percent satisfaction.  That's not just something we's something we demand.   eTRAN enables you to have a virtually unlimited staff, available to you at all times, but wholly pay-as-you-go and with no associated overhead costs.   All work is charged at a simple flat per line rate with no account set up fees, no monthly charges, no minimums, no other costs of any kind.   Simply use us as much or as little as you choose and when you do use the service, you are billed once a week for any charges.

Contact eTRAN today to lower your overall transcription cost and sign up for a real transcription service that reduce costs, provides overall satisfaction, and increases your practice productivity!